Header Improvement Project

Upgrading Our Energy,
Securing Our Future

The Header Improvement Project will ensure reliable energy infrastructure is in place and clean natural gas is readily available to support the energy needs for positive economic growth in eastern central Virginia

Project Overview

The Header Improvement Project consists of connecting VNG’s existing pipeline to the Transco pipeline, and running a parallel pipe in two sections along the existing pipeline to connect energy suppliers to a clean, reliable and readily available natural gas energy supply. These improvements will be supported by three compressor stations.


  • Transco Interconnect Pipeline will run 6.2 miles from existing VNG pipeline to the Transco Gas pipeline system.
  • Quantico Parallel Pipeline will run 3.3 miles.
  • Mechanicsville Parallel Pipeline will run 14.6 miles.

Compressor Stations

Three compressor stations will support the project:

  • Ladysmith and Gidley Stations will be co-located at existing natural gas facilities.
  • Transco Interconnect Station will be located away from any residential or business areas to remove or minimize the impact on the community.
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The Benefits

The Header Improvement Project will…

  • enable VNG to meet our obligation to provide the required infrastructure for C4GT, an independent power producer in Charles City County, to source clean and reliable natural gas. This electric generation facility will be among the most efficient natural gas fueled power plants built in Virginia and is fully permitted and certificated. 
  • connect the current VNG pipeline system to the existing Transco Gas pipeline system, creating a pathway for C4GT and other energy providers—like Columbia Gas of VA, Virginia Power Services Energy and VNG—to receive natural gas. 
  • improve the operational capability and overall reliability of the natural gas pipeline system allowing utilities to keep up with growth and resulting natural gas demand across Virginia. 
  • utilize existing energy infrastructure corridors to minimize environmental or property impacts.
  • create jobs and tax benefits for multiple Virginia communities. 
  • aid in a continuing reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in Virginia by supplying domestic natural gas as an electric generation source.

Project Map

See The Plan For Yourself

See how we’re connecting the Commonwealth’s energy providers and distributors in the eastern central part of Virginia to clean, reliable natural gas.

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Contact Us

Questions related to the Header Improvement Project can be directed to VNGHIP@southernco.com, by calling the Work In Your Neighborhood hotline at 757.616.7565, or by filling out the form below: